Finland Visit – Precast Construction site visit

PEIKKO factory visit

Our interest in learning the manufacture and installation procedures of DELTA beams led to the PEIKKO factory visit in 2016.…

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WCEE, Santiago, Chile – 2017

WCEE, Santiago, Chile

The World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, organized by the International Association of Earthquake Engineering conducted from 9th January to the…

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Visit to Broad-Group, China

Visit to BROAD Group, China

BROAD Sustainable Building Co. Ltd. provides sustainable buildings (BSB) featuring core tubular stainless steel structure, 5 times less energy, 100…

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Christmas Program

A grand christmas celebration organised by a popular News Channel Sathiyam TV, where business men are honoured. Our Chief Consultant…

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Awards and Honours

An award bestows prestige and well deserved recognition of our Chief Consultant Mr.Cibi Jacob.