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Structural engineering plays a major role in the world of construction. It is a division of civil engineering that concerns the structural integrity of a building. The structural engineers inspect the blueprints of a building, gather the geological & geotechnical information, frame a suitable structural system, analyze the response of the structure under various forces, design an efficient structure and suggest appropriate materials to ensure structural integrity.


This course bridges the gap between academics and industry through end to end professional training in Structural design and develop Industry ready professionals.


With a team of dynamic, highly accomplished and experienced engineers, we are committed towards delivering technical excellence in all our endeavors transfers the technical & practical knowledge to the candidates to excel in the field of structural design.


✔ Professionally Certified Course.

✔ Specially created curriculum framed by industry experts.

✔ Interactive sessions & hands on practical exercises on live projects.


✔ Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from recognized University / Institution

✔ Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from recognized University / Institution

✔ Working Professional having any of the above qualifications


✔ Course Name: JE Professional Educators

Program 1: Detailed Course on Structural Design (3 Months)

Program 2: Crash Course on Structural Design (3 Days)


✔ Sessions in Structural Engineering

✔ Sessions in Software tools for analysis

✔ Construction Site Visits

✔ Interactive Sessions with Industry Experts

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In what way is this course useful to me?

This course will be useful for people in many ways. If you are just passed out, this course will help you fully revolve around and gain better knowledge in structural design through expert interactions. If you are already working, this design experience will help you get better exposure.

Normally, people spend years gaining practical design knowledge; it’s different from academic knowledge. In just 6months time, you will get the opportunity learning practical design works as well as gain onsite knowledge.

What is the basic qualification to join this course?

We admit engineers with a B.E or B.Tech. degree in civil engineering. We also give a chance to those who have completed their UG civil engineering. We prefer M.E or M.Tech. in structural engineering, since our seats are limited.

I am already working for an organization; can I join this course?

If you are already working and you don’t have sufficient practical knowledge in onsite work or design, this will be very useful for you to find better opportunities or at least to upgrade your work.

What is the course timing?

We conduct the training in the Forenoons (except on the days of site visit)

Is an online class available?

In this course, we offer onsite visits and interactive sessions with industry experts. So at present, no online classes are available.

Are the sessions live or recorded?

The sessions are 100% live. You will have a mentor.” He will give lectures or interactive sessions and will guide and assist you in gaining practical experience in design.

Will I get a certificate after this course?

Yes, you will get a valuable certificate after the completion of the course. The last day of Three months will be the day of issuing the certificate. We will arrange a photo session and feedback session on the day, so that it will be a memorable day for you to cherish in your career.

What about my placement after this course?

After this course, you will be capable enough to do the structural designs on your own, so you will have a lot of opportunities in India and abroad. We also have frequent requirements for structural design engineers, architectural design engineers, site engineers, etc. If we have a requirement at the time of your passing, we may give you an opportunity here based on your merit.

Do I need a laptop for this course?

Not necessary. You can use the computer systems with internet facilities we have in our training wing and design wing. If you have a laptop, it’s fine. If it has the right configuration, our IT technician will help you install the required software.

What is the duration and fee of this course?

The duration of this course is only three months. The fee details will be discussed in person. There are also provisions for scholarships based on your grades and merit. You can contact us at 917697-2727 (call, SMS, or WhatsApp) or

What about the payments for the fees?

Only under specific circumstances, the episodes of fee will be taken into consideration.

What about the hostel and accommodation facilities?

For outstation candidates, we will help them get an accommodation nearby. Our HR department will help you in this regard. There is a working women’s hostel nearby; you can use the facility if needed.

Which language will be used for teaching or training?

The lectures will be in English. But if you find any difficulty, we can help you with explanations in Tamil or Malayalam.

What about the library, references, and study materials?

We will provide you with classes as PowerPoint presentations or on a white board. The library facility is also there for your reference. You can refer to the Design Books, Design Calculation Reports, Geotechnical Investigation Reports, and IS Code Books. Also, you will have access to the design Excel sheets, e-books, structural drawing sheets, architectural drawing sheets, study notes, etc.